Even the best strategies require optimally functioning organisation and underlying processes as well as people who proactively support the change processes – mandatory conditions for quick and efficient results.





Higher Value through Synergy

An organisation is no abstract entity that can be disassembled into isolated components. Hofkirchner & Partner therefore apply systematic organisation development – an approach that takes all networked interrelations of a company into account. After all, essential for whether an organisation achieves its goals

or whether a strategy is implemented successfully is the motivation of your human resources – be it an individual or a group. In this sense, our activities can be regarded as a trigger or an assistance for the initiative and effort required of all participants for project success.

Our Range of Services
  • Orientation phase
  • Diagnostic phase incl. status assessment
  • Goal-finding and result definition
  • Installation of a management structure to ensure the organisation development process
  • Communication of the organisation development process throughout the entire system
  • Measures for secure processes
How Hofkirchner & Partner are different
  • Respect for the uniqueness of any organisation
  • A philanthropic attitude as starting point
  • The way is as important as the goal
  • Resource- and solution-oriented





Planning and Optimising Processes

These days Market changes involve risk as well as opportunities at the same time. Only learning organisations are capable of coping with increasing client requirements and with the transformation of mounting competitive pressure into positive changes. An efficient and transparent organisation with optimally coordinated processes is the prerequisite.

Organisation consulting provided by Hofkirchner & Partner surpasses mere process organisation by far. We also supply support in defining core competences, determining business segment strategies and optimizing communications within an organisation.

Our Range of Services
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Optimisation and redesign adjacent to implementation
  • Illustration of interdependencies in change processes
  • Realisation and implementation of processes
  • Supervision and coordination in project management
  • Development of reporting tools
How Hofkirchner & Partner are different
  • Staff is actively involved in the change processes
  • High staff identification with the projects
  • Transformation of knowledge into business-efficient benefits
  • Accompanying of operative implementation as coach